HR Retention and talent acquisition – Tax incentives

Against the current backdrop of staff shortages, many HR departments are designing retention mechanisms to incentivise current employees and attract new talent. However, when designing such measures, it is also important to consider the fiscal aspects, which can have an impact on the budgeting process.

Competition Law Aspects of the Participation of Consortia in Public Procurement Procedures in Romania

The Romanian Parliament has already approved a legislative package that transposes the following three EU Directives in the area of public procurement in 2016:

Important Changes for Companies in Commercial Register Entries

As previously reported, Law 265/2022, which replaces the Commercial Register Law and partially amends the Companies Law (Law 31/ 1990), will enter into force on November 26th 2022. In this article we report on further changes that will have an impact on companies registered in Romania.

Amendments to the Romanian construction law

This summer, Law no. 50/ 1991 ("Law 50") on the authorisation of the execution of construction works was amended in two essential aspects by Laws no. 176/ 2022 and 262/ 2022. These amendments are briefly described below.

Essential measures prior to the acquisition of forest land in Romania

Almost 27% of Romania's surface is covered with forest vegetation. Romania is experiencing a continuous upward trend in foreign investors' interest in acquiring land with forest vegetation.

Documentation obligations in finance and accounting

One of the most frequent problems in tax audits concerns the proof of transactions recorded in the accounts and the design of the supporting documents.

Romanian Commercial Register continues to be digitised

For some months now, people have been writing about the new digitisation initiative of the Romanian commercial registers.

Deferral of payment in Romanian tax law

Companies (but also private individuals) that record tax arrears can, under certain conditions, benefit from measures that help them overcome difficult times.

A new challenge for economic operators – e-transport

In the first six months, numerous legislative changes were published in the tax area. Worth mentioning are, for example, the amendments to the Tax Code, among others with reference to micro-enterprises.