Short-time work practicable again in Romania

On 10.08.2020, short-time work was introduced in Romania at the initiative of the government and as a result of long discussions with the legislative body (with an intense participation on the part of STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit).

Facilitations (now also) for associations and foundations

At the end of 2020, the Romanian regulations regarding the incorporation and functioning of associations and foundations (“NGOs”) were simplified. Law No. 276/2020 (“the Law“) completed and amended Government Ordinance No. 26/ 2000 about associations and foundations (the Ordinance) and also introduced positive debureaucratization measures.

Renewable energy: projects on agricultural land outside built-up areas?

In October 2020, Law no. 17/ 2014 (“Law 17”) regarding the sale of agricultural land (terenuri agricole) located outside the built-up areas (extravilan) was significantly amended. A complicated preemption procedure (procedura de preemptiune) involving several stages required before the effective sale of these plots of land was regulated.

Debureaucratization of legal relations – Waiver of the stamp requirement

It has been widely known for a long time that private and public legal persons as well as authorities in Romania must use a stamp. While often found surprising by investors from states whose legal system places less emphasis on this formality, in this country this was an unavoidable practice for all companies.

Amendments to public contracts

On 19th of January 2021, the Instruction No. 1 of the Chairman of the National Agency for Public Procurement regarding amendments to public contracts ("Instruction") came into effect.

Reception of rooftop photovoltaic systems

For rooftop photovoltaic systems (hereinafter referred to as „PV-systems “) no building permit is needed in principle, as long as the PV-systems are mounted by so-called “prosumers”.

Data protection within the employment relationship

The beginning of the year brought a record fine (EUR 10.4 mil.) for a German company due to the unlawful video surveillance of its employees.

Environmental legal aspects related to Asset Deals

In case of transactions related to facilities or activities for which an environmental permit is applicable, the environmental legal aspects often play a significant role. We will discuss below the fundamental correlations.

NEWSFLASH – New entry restrictions in Romania due to Covid-19

NEWSFLASH - New entry restrictions in Romania due to Covid-19

As expected, the state of alert in Romania was extended by further 30 days, starting from 11.02.2021.

The legal basis is the Government Decision No 35/ 2021. The National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) adopted Decision No. 9/2021 re. the new entry restrictions on 11.02.2021 and Decision No. 11/ 2021 re. the updated list of risk areas on 19.02.2021.

In addition to these restrictions, particularly relevant are the obligations of providers of international transport services from these areas to Romania.

Please find more details here.

Non-resident employers and Romanian employees – practical aspects

Foreign companies ask themselves quite often weather they can hire Romanian employees for certain activities in Romania without actually having an establishment in Romania.