> STALFORT- presentation at IFAT in München on 31. May

Between May 30th and June 3rd 2016, IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, will take place in München. Last year, the fair brought together approx. 3.081 exhibitors from 50 different countries, with a total of 135.000 visitors from 70 different countries during the 4 days.

On this occasion, between April 30th and May 2nd, the German- Romanian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) organizes a four day purchase travel from Romania to IFAT within the framework of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi). The program includes the participation to an information session, organized with the support of the network German Water Partnership, visits to several flagship projects in Bavaria (Augsburg, Ingolstadt, München) and to exhibitors from the Water Industry, as well as individual conversations accompanied by German specialists. Within the information session on May 31st, Christian Weident, attorney at law with STALFORT, will deliver a speech regarding “Economic and legal framework conditions in Romania”.

> CBBL- Forum Foreign Law on 19.05.2016 in Berlin with lecture by STALFORT

Cross Border Business Lawyers (CBBL, http://www.cbbl-lawyers.de/), the law firm network STALFORT has been a long-term member of, is organizing the annual “Forum for foreign law” on May 19th in Berlin. This year, the motto of the event, which will host top class participants, is “M&A, Taxes and Compliance in Eastern Europe”. On behalf of STALFORT, Mag. Peter Schnabl will hold a presentation concerning the taxation of companies in Romania.

CBBL is the only worldwide network of selected German speaking corporate law firms specialized in the assistance of German speaking companies in the international business. It comprises one partner law firm/ cooperation partner for each of 52 different countries. In Romania, CBBL is represented by STALFORT Legal.Tax.Audit.

We would take pleasure in an active participation at the event. Clients and partners may book their participation at the event through STALFORT at preferential conditions.

> Training session organized by WKO on May 11th 2016 with lectures and webinar from STALFORT

The Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) regularly organizes the “Austrian Business Circle (ABC)”, a communication-friendly event in the host country with information and networking elements. Austrian companies and their branches, distribution partners and representatives as well as local opinion leaders are the target audience.

On May 11th 2016, between 15 and 18 o’ clock, two lectures by STALFORT will take place within the ABC. Attorney at Law Veronica Visinescu will report on the new features of the procurement law, while Peter Schnabl, tax consultant and auditor, will shed light on the fiscal aspects of project business. The participation at this English- spoken seminar is free of charge; registrations have to be sent until May 9th to Mrs. Christine Stoica from WKO at bukarest@wko.at

Moreover, German speakers may discuss the above mentioned subjects within a Live-Webinar in German on May 11th between 10:00 and 10:45. The participation is also free of charge; registrations have to be made here until May 10th

> Tax law presentation on 20.01.2016 at the German Business Club Transylvania

The first members’ meeting of the German Business Club Transylvania (DWS) in 2016 shall take place on 20.01.2016 in Sibiu. Part of this event is also a German-language lecture on "Innovations in Romanian tax law 2016", lecturer is Peter Schnabl, auditor and tax consultant of STALFORT. For details, contact Peter Schnabl or the DWS (www.dws.ro).

> “Demo Metal” 2015 in Braşov with two presentations by STALFORT on 21.05.2015

Between 20 and 23 May 2015, Braşov will host the “Demo Metal 2015”, the largest trade fair for metal processing in Romania with ca. 70 exhibitors from Romania and abroad. On 21.05.2015, the STALFORT staff shall contribute with the following two presentations in Romanian: "Tax and accounting news" (Adina Zdru), and "Legal update - News, Changes and Tendencies" (Christian Weident).

> STALFORT presentation at the regional event “Bayern meets Cluj” on May 10th 2015 in Cluj

On May 10th, 18:30, the Consulate of Germany in Transilvania, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) are organizing an information and networking event with several lectures in Cluj. Attorney at Law Christian Weident from STALFORT will report on “Doing business in Romania - legal framework and subsidies”. He will discuss aspects related to the economic activity in Romania and the current possibilities to claim subsidies. The presentation will be held in German, a simultaneous translation is provided.

> Tax law presentation on 21.01.2015 at the German Business Club Transylvania

The first members’ meeting of the German Business Club Transylvania (DWS) in 2015 shall take place on 21.01.2015 in Sibiu. During this event Mrs. Adina Zdru from STALFORT will hold a presentation in German language on the topic of „New year amendments in the fields of accounting and tax law“. For details please contact Mrs. Adina Zdru or DWS (www.dws.ro).

> Law Update at the Federation of Business Associations NRW on 24.02.2014 in Düsseldorf

„unternehmer nrw“ (Landesvereinigung der Unternehmensverbände NRW) is organizing on 24.02.2014 in Düsseldorf a state workshop for Romania. Mr. Christian Weident, attorney at law for STALFORT, will hold an exclusive presentation on legal issues for Romania. His presentation entitled „Update on Romanian law - general and labour law framework conditions“ will focus on recent legal developments with practical implications as well as on an overview of the labour law in Romania, as extensively amended in 2011.

> Presentation of Dr. Raluca Oprisiu on public procurement law

Dr. Raluca Oprișiu, attorney at law, will hold a presentation on the recent amendments and relevant practical implications of the public procurement law on 15.01.2014 at the German Business Club Transylvania (DWS). Mrs. Andrada Haranguș, attorney at law, has already lectured on this important legal field in December at the DWNT meeting in Cluj-Napoca. The law firm has been particularly active in the last years in this field of law.

> Presentation of the current public procurement framework by STALFORT at DWNT

The next member gathering of the German Business Club North Transylvania (DWNT) is scheduled to take place on 05.12.2013 in Cluj-Napoca. Mrs. Andrada Haranguș, LL.M., attorney at law, shall hold a presentation in the name of the law firm STALFORT on the subject “Public procurement. News and practical aspects “. The law firm is particular active in this important field of law.