German-Romanian Business Conference in Berlin with STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. speaker at 28-29 September

German-Romanian Business Conference in Berlin with STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. speaker at 28-29 September

STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. is pleased to announce our active participation in a premium German- Romanian Business Conference on 28 and 29.September in Berlin.

Romania’s potential in the region is a well-known fact, which is currently boosted by the new geopolitical context. This business conference for the promotion of Romania as solid investment location aims to address the opportunities and cooperation areas that Romania has to offer, to strengthen economic and political partnerships and to increase German activities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

During the first conference day, Romania will be looked at through the lens of its industrial capacity, including the innovation and digitization sector. Investors searching for new opportunities are attracted by the accelerated nearshoring trend, by the constantly improving infrastructure – transportation as well as digital -, backed up by the NATO and EU memberships.

In this context, Christian Weident will lead a panel discussion on nearshoring and R&D in Romania.

The second day will bring to the fore Romania’s competitiveness in terms of sustainable energy, energy production and food supply. Considering that both Romania and Moldova are major players in the agricultural sector, with high potential in the “Farm to Fork” segment, and that both hold an expanding portfolio of new energy projects, these areas allow for new cooperation and possibilities.

This event offers a great platform for dialogue between the business environment and high-ranking Government representatives, while strengthening bilateral relations and creating new partnership opportunities. Around 300 guests from Germany, Romania and Moldova are expected, representing the business community as well as central and local public authorities.

We would be delighted to meet you at the conference in Berlin.

Please use this link to register. More details about the German-Romanian Business Conference are available here.