STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. celebrates 20th anniversary

On 15.11.2017, a special event took place, as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. in the beautiful location "Palatul Noblesse", together with clients, business partners, friends of the firm and of course all our employees. Click here.

Speech on "Energy efficiency - legal framework" by STALFORT

On 07.11.2017, within the AHK business travel "Energy Efficiency in Industry", a high-profile conference took place in the Bucharest Athénée Palace Hilton Hotel. Among the speakers were Dr. Ing Iulian Iancu, President of the Commission for Industry and Services of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies and Mr Paul Rydzek, Consultant on behalf of the Export Initiative Energy of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, who spoke about energy efficiency in Romania and Germany. For STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. Carmen Radulescu, attorney at law, delivered a speech regarding the legal framework related to energy efficiency.

Av. Veronica Vişinescu, responsible for procurement law at STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit, has recently published an article in the August edition of the Romanian magazine for public procurement (Revista de Achizitii Publice).

In this article, she explains the latest draft of a government regulation for the amendment of laws on public procurement analyzing, inter alia, a new threshold, aspects regarding electronic tenders, unsuitable offers, etc. Read the full article in Romanian language here.

Top-class events of the CBBL on June 21. and 22. 2017 in Stuttgart
The Cross-Border Business Lawyers (CBBL,, whose long-time member is the law firm STALFORT, is hosting the "Forum Auslandrecht" on June 22. 2017 in Stuttgart. This year's top-class event will be held under the "Weltweite Mobilität - Mitarbeiter international einsetzen".

On June 21, 2017, there will also be two further events in advance

the Asia Day and

the Real Estate Day,

during which it will be possible to obtain information on issues relating to Asia or real estate law or to exchange information with CBBL lawyers from all over the world.

The CBBL is the worldwide network of selected German-speaking business law firms specializing in supporting German-speaking companies in foreign business. It comprises one partner firm / one cooperation partner in 52 different countries. In Romania STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. Is the representative. We would be happy about a large number of participants.The presentations of the events can be found here; the forms for registration here.

AUSTRIA SHOWCASE Construction and Construction Supply industry with STALFORT participation on 16.05.2017

On 16.05.2017, Bucharest will host another AUSTRIA SHOWCASE event organized by Advantage Austria/ WKÖ (representing Austria's economy abroad). This edition will be dedicated to the construction and construction supply industry.

Austrian companies from the construction and construction supply sector will visit Romania and explore cooperation opportunities, projects and investments in the areas of building construction and civil engineering. Given Romania's enormous investment requirement, but also the (EU) funds which will be available in the future, infrastructure development and expansion are of particular relevance.

STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit will contribute to this event with speeches on legal and tax issues in order to shed light on the relevant questions for these areas. The main focus will be on public procurement, as this area of law was entirely changed in 2016.

For further details, respectively for the registration, please visit the website of the Austrian foreign trade office here

Regional event in Sibiu on 08.05.2017

On 08.05, Sibiu will host a local information & networking event organized by the German-Romanian chamber of industry and commerce (AHK Rumänien). The meeting will also be attended by a 27 person delegation from Germany on the issue of "Sustainable Constructions and Restoration". With regard to this subject, the AHK had previously prepared a study of the same name, the legal content of which has been created by STALFORT. Dr. Raluca Oprisiu, head of our Sibiu office, will contribute to the event with a speech shedding light on current local and supraregional legal issues for companies.

For further information, please access the following link.

Daniel Burghelea from STALFORT participates as arbitrator in international Moot- Court contest in Vienna

Since 1994, the "Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot" an international moot court competition, in which law students represent parties to fictive arbitration law suits dealing with the UN sales law ("CISG") in front of legal experts, has been organized.

The "Vis Moot" is acknowledged as the most significant international moot court in the field of civil law, and as the "olympics of international trade law". More details can be found here.

Between April 8th and April 13th, Daniel Burghelea, attorney at law, arbitration expert and member of the STALFORT  Legal.  Tax.  Audit. Litigation team, will participate in the final round of this important event in Vienna as an arbitrator.

Detailed information brochure on the Romanian procurement market prepared by STALFORT for WKÖ

The Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO) traditionally offers strong support to its members undertaking foreign investments through AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, the Austrian Economy's internationalization agency. To this purpose, it frequently publishes country- and topic- specific information material called "Fachprofil".

As in 2016 the Romanian legislation on public procurement has been newly regulated comprehensively, the brand new "Fachprofil" on Romania's tender market has been published in March 2017. On about 30 pages, it offers information on the types of procedures, supervisory authorities, legal protection, contracting authorities and further aspects with high relevance in practice. On behalf of STALFORT  Legal.  Tax.  Audit. , it has been drafted by procurement law specialist Veronica Visinescu, Avocat (attorney at law RO)

The publication is available only in German. Please access the following link.

STALFORT to host round table discussion within "Cities of Tomorrow" on March 28th, 2017

On March 28th 2017, the fifth edition of the conference "Cities of Tomorrow" will take place. The scope of this high- caliber event consists in connecting the business environment with local administration, architects, town planners, and representatives of the civil society. In 2017, its motto is "urban and regional competitiveness" in view of stimulating sustainable development of Romania's cities and regions. The successful promotion of a city or region requires successful cooperation of all stakeholders and is a key factor for efficient development. Top international guests will debate on the topic of competitiveness of cities and regions.

Cristiana Stalfort, managing partner and expert for real estate and construction law with STALFORT  Legal.  Tax.  Audit. , will host a round table discussion on the Romanian construction legislation. We look forward to this very interesting event.

Please find an overview over the event here;you may find the program here

For registrations, kindly access the following link.

First Romanian - German Workshop on the European Information Law with lecture by STALFORT on March 18th 2017

On March 17th / 18th, Cluj-Napoca will host the first "Romanian - German Workshop on the European Information Law", organized by the Oldenburg University and DSRI, the German Foundation for Law and Informatics, in cooperation with the Babes-Bolyai-University in Cluj. Within this scientific event, internationally experienced specialists from Germany and Romania will exchange information on the relevant topics in the fields of media, data protection, telecommunication, and copyright law, as well as liability in the internet and cybercrime.

Dr. Raluca Oprisiu, Avocat (attorney at law RO) and Partner with On behalf of STALFORT  Legal.  Tax.  Audit. , will contribute with a lecture on "Compliance and Whistleblowing". Please find the program here

Interview with Veronica Visinescu in the Romanian magazine for procurement law

The latest edition of the Romanian magazine for public procurement law (revista de achizitii publice) contains an interview with Veronica Visinescu, Avocat (attorney at law RO) and responsible for the procurement practice within STALFORT. With regard to the recently completely re- designed procurement legislation, Veronica informed on several aspects which are of high relevance in practice, such as the efficiency of the new award criteria, the effects of the new legislation on the quality of awarded services and products, the challenges for the persons in charge with bid verifications, as well as new regulations which, in practice, appear particularly difficult to apply.

Please find the interview (in Romanian language) here; you can visit the magazines website under here

Symposium "German solutions for the Romanian food industry" with speech from STALFORT on November 22nd 2016

Between November 21st and 24th 2016, "German solutions for the Romanian food industry", a business matchmaking event organized by the German - Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, will take place. On November 22nd, the event will host the symposium "German solutions for the Romanian food industry".

On behalf of STALFORT  Legal.  Tax.  Audit. , Christian Weident, attorney at law and Manging Partner, will contribute with a speech regarding "Food Industry-a legal review and outlook", in which he will shed light on the current and future developments in the relevant legislation. Please contact the AHK for registrations.