> Business forum "Renewable energies and environmental investments in Romania" in the German Parliament house in Berlin on 12.04.2013 with three legal presentations by STALFORT

For the fourth consecutive year the conference "Renewable energies and environmental investments in Romania" organized on April 12th by the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation and with the support of the law firm STALFORT in the German Parliament house in Berlin was a big success. The event was organized under the patronage of the German Ministry for Economy and Technology (BMWi).

Over 130 German and Romanian representatives from the field of politics, law and economy were present at the event, among which Mr. Gunther Krichbaum, MdB and Chairman of the Commission for EU Affairs of the German Parliament, Mr. Stefan Kapferer, State Secretary of the German Ministry for Economy and Technology, Mr. Lazar Comanescu, Romanian Ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Maricel Popa, State Secretary in the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Mr. Nicolae Havrilet, President of the Romanian regulatory authority ANRE. Three attorneys at law held presentations on legal topics on behalf of the law firm STALFORT.

There is concern on the Romanian market for renewable energies. Following the recent overcompensation report of the regulatory authority ANRE the number of green certificates for certain RES-technologies will most likely be reduced. The date as of which such reduction shall be applied is unknown at present time. The draft of a Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO), which foresees among others measures such as deferring the granting of green certificates until 2017 or limiting accreditations, contributes even more to the uncertainty concerning the strength and durability of the Romanian incentive scheme for production of energy from renewable sources.

The conference provided also this year the framework for initiating new cooperation and starting specific follow-up projects. The feedback received so far was very positive. We conclude in the end that a medium and long-term development strategy is necessary, which should take into account the interests of all participants (producers, suppliers, consumers and investors).

> „Renewable energies in Romania“ on 22.03.13 at the L-Bank in Stuttgart

The Honorary Consul for Romania in Baden-Württemberg and the Romanian Liaison Office of the L-Bank Stuttgart invite you to participate on Friday, March 22nd 2013, at 9.30 a.m. at the business forum "Renewable energies in Romania – legal and commercial framework".

There is still a significant backlog in the field of renewable energies in Romanian and this in spite of the favourable climatic conditions and high energy potential (especially for wind and photovoltaic energy and biomass in connection with agriculture). The country cannot stand up alone for the large investment volume required for implementing the European energy targets, which thus leaves room and a very profitable market for industrial companies.

The business forum also aims to give participants the chance to exchange information and experience and to bring together partners from the fields of politics, administration and companies from Baden-Württemberg.

> Rule of law and legal security in Romania on 20.03.13 in Berlin

A meeting of the registered association German-Romanian Company (Deutsch-Rumänische Gesellschaft e.V.) shall take place Wednesday, March 20th 2013, at 7 p.m in “Leonhardt“ (Stuttgarter Platz 21/Leonhardtstrasse, 10627 B-Charlottenburg).

> Seminar on the new Romanian civil procedure taking place at the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 07.03.2013

On 15.02.2013, the new Romanian civil procedure (Codul de Procedura Civila) comes into force. It forms integral part of an intensive reformation process which began with the implementation of a new civil code and which changes radically the existing system of civil and enforcement procedures. The main idea consists of making the procedures faster and more efficient. Because of the existing problems regarding the infrastructure and the personnel, it has been long discussed the time and the extent to which the civil procedure will come into force. It was only in the last minute, as they say, that the issue was regulated; the consequence a softened but practical version.

> Lecture on the new Romanian Code of Civil Procedure at the German Business Club Transylvania on 20.02.2013

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, a member meeting of the German Business Club Transylvania ("DWS") will take place at 7:30 pm in the "Centrul de Afaceri Sibiu" (St. Nicolaus Olahus No. 5, Corp. B, 550370 Sibiu, Romania). Av. (Lawyer) Mihail Macovei will contribute a lecture in German language to the "new Code of Civil Procedure". The Act, which comes into force on 15.02.2013, fundamentally changes Romania's rules on litigation and foreclosure and is of major interest to every participant in legal and commercial matters.

> Carmen Rădulescu, STALFORT, moderated panel debate on the subject of renewable energies

On 06.11.2012, during the meeting of the members of the German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a panel debate on the burning issue of “renewable energies” took place. Carmen Rădulescu, energy expert at STALFORT moderated the event in which representatives of the Siemens companies, other important authorities’ representatives and a government advisor participated.

> Renewable energies and environment investments in Romania - legal and economic framework

The German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the law office STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. are inviting you to a series of seminars on the subject of “Effects of the new civil code”.

The German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with the German-Romanian Association of Lawyers are organizing for the second time on the 27th of April 2012 a technical forum in the building of the parliament in Berlin. The main subjects of the forum are mirrored by economic and legal aspects of the Romanian market for renewable energies and environmental technology.

In the previous year, the technical forum gathered around 180 German and Romanian decision-makers from the fields of politics and economy. The Feedback of the event is mirrored by the actual, already ongoing follow-up projects. It is for this reason and due to the fact that the Romanian promoting legislation has fully come into force that the event will take place also this year involving further multipliers and representatives from the field of politics and economy.

> Extensive Update On Legislation Held By Christian Weident, Attn. At Law, On June 28th 2011 at IHK Duisburg

On June 28th, 2011, the Chamber of Industry of the Lower Rhine Region in Duisburg, Germany, organized the Economic Forum on Romania. Mr. Christian Weident, attn. at law, held a lecture on "Romania - Update on Law" over one and a half hours, providing the audience an overview over the numerous recent changes in Romanian legislation. The main fields approached were corporation law, labour law, civil law, commercial law, and public procurement law, choosing the right business partner and more. The lecture focused especially on the recent developments in and on the future of renewable energies, public procurement legislation and pub-private partnerships. Among the audience members was also Dr. Vlad Vasiliu, Romanian Head of Mission in Bonn.

> Mr. Christian Weident, Attn. At Law, Discussed On June 21st, 2011, About The Romanian Labour Market, Together With The Labour Minister

Mr. Christian Weident, attn. at law, and the recently appointed Labour Minister Sebastian Lazaroiu commented on June 21st, 2011 on "Romanian Labour Market: Competition. Efficiency, Legality", during a public debate. The event was organized by the Romanian Christian Democratic Foundation (FC-D) in collaboration with the Bucharest branch of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation. The partners of the event were the Romanian state television TVR1 and the economic daily Ziarul Financiar. Both media partners covered the event extensively. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Teodor Baconschi, also president of FC-D, moderated the debate. During the event, Mr. Christian Weident, attn. at law, presented particularly the current legal circumstances from the point of view of foreign investors.

> Conference On Renewable Energies In The Berlin Reichstag

More than 160 guests attended the presentations on the very up to date topic of "Renewable Energies" on April 8th, 2011 in the conference hall of the CDU/CSU faction in the German Reichstag in Berlin. speakers were among others Mr. Gunther Krichbaum, member of the Parliament and chairman of the Committee for Matters of the European Union at the Deutscher Bundestag, the Romanian Ambassador in Germany, HE Mr. Lazar Comanescu, and Prof. Dr. Rainer Lindner, managing director of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations. Mr. Cristian Apostol, Secretary of State at the Romanian Ministry for Environment and Forests, spoke about "Chances for Foreign Investors". Mr. Marko Walde, managing director of the German-Romanian Chamber for Industry and Commerce presented an overview over the Romanian green-tech market. Presentations of representatives of the conference's partner UniCredit covered the topic of funding such investments, and practical lectures completed the conference day.