Safeguarding measures in case of debtor's imminent insolvency, advice on over-indebtedness, applications for insolvency, legal representation of creditors in insolvency procedures, drafting restructuring plans, company liquidations

Social security

Contract drafting for avoiding apparent self-employment, advice in case of foreign assignments, especially as concerns EU law, obtaining A1 certificates, expat support


Dealer, sales agent, franchise agreements and other contracts, related concentration issues

Public procurement

Public tenders, support during the proceedings in front of the contracting authorities, legal protection in cases of public tenders (CNSC, courts of law)


Advice at contract drafting, notification of economic concentrations, representation in front of the Competition Council and, if case, in litigations concerning applied fines

Industrial property protection

Trademark rights, protection for utility models, copyright law, domain protection, competition law

(Renewable) Energies

Drafting all civil and commercial agreements required for realizing and operating energy production facilities for project developers and operators, permitting procedure, funding opportunities, sale and acquisition of projects, Due Diligence, representation in front of the regulatory authority ANRE, EPC/ O&M agreements


Construction contracts, general contractor agreements, planning/ designing contracts (for architects), construction supervision legislation, consortium/ joint venture agreements, FIDIC contracts, EPC for energy production facilities, building permit and town planning legislation, construction law litigation

Real estate

Agriculture & forestry, project development, real estate leasing, real estate funds, facility management, concessions, industrial tenancy/ lease agreements, public-private-partnerships, dispute settlement


Individual labour law: drafting, terminating of labour and management agreements, employee inventions etc. Collective labour law: collective bargaining agreements, unions, employee representatives, company and work regulations, employee participation in SE / SCE/ European Work Council. Production and order variations: collective redundancies and other measures. Litigation