Capital Markets

Corporate Governance, Buy-out, Delisting, Regulatory

Banking and financing

financing operations, loan, credit and leasing agreements, guarantees/ collaterals, cash pooling, debt- equity and other restructuring measures, regulatory


Application for and contestations against administrative deeds, client representation in front of authorities, action for the annulment / obligation to adopt administrative acts


Setting up and implementing internal control systems for the prevention and early recognition of law violations, especially in sensitive fields such as competition, criminal, labour, data protection and corporate legislation; training of management and employees of the clients, internal controls, on spot support

Subsidies / Financial aid

Identifying local, national and European funding opportunities, support with setting up financial aid plans, representation in case of funding reclaims as well as of competitor claims


Software and licensing agreements, e-commerce (B2B, B2C), data protection


Legal advice related to marketing strategies, measures against anti-competitive counterfeits, competition law litigation, strategies for preventing litigation


Representation in front of the Romanian courts of law in all fields of business law, preparing and conducting arbitration proceedings, debt collection by order, ordinary court actions, advice and representation in view of the recognition and enforcement of titles, administrative, customs and tax disputes, including VAT-reimbursement


Insurance of persons / goods / transport, support in case of amicable settlement, indemnification of intangible damages, support in case of claims / demands


Legal Due Diligence, authorizations and permits, representation in front of and litigation against authorities