Taxes and Finance: the usual changes at the end of the year

As usual at the end of the year, the Romanian Financial Administration is working intensely on regulatory changes in the finance and tax field. We will discuss below some of those changes – although they will probably not be the last this year.

Extension of investments at AHK the regional event in Brasov on 27.11.2018

This year’s last regional event of the AHK , the German- Romanian Chamber of Commerce, will take place on 27.11.2018 in Brasov, one of the hot spots of the Romanian economy.



Legal effects of digitalization, a Romanian – German comparison

Article following the lecture by Carmen Lupsan at Workshop on the European Information Law in Cluj

Legal changes in the Romanian magazine for procurement law

Veronica Visinescu analyses legal changes in the Romanian magazine for procurement law.

Wrongful trading in Europe

Mihai Lanţoş looks into Western, Central and Eastern European directors’ liability systems whilst they also prepare for a new EU Directive on insolvency.

On the attractiveness of internship

The Law on Internships came into force in August. It regulates the legal framework for internships carried out by persons 16 years of age and older within companies or public institutions. We have already reported on this law as well as on the obligation of drawing up internship contracts.

Faster or Better? The eternal question in law

In 2016, the public procurement law was changed completely. Some of the most significant objectives were to improve the quality and speed of the procurement procedures. This summer, changes serving both goals came into force.

The VAT treatment of vouchers – a challenge for 2019

Vouchers are pretty widely spread, but in VAT terms, they are barely regulated. The regulations are based on EU jurisdiction. But as from 1st January 2019, the Ministry of Finance plans to bring into force proper regulations in the Tax Code covering the EU Directive on the VAT treatment of vouchers . A draft was published at the end of August.

Restructuring companies with real estate property gets more intriguing

In Romania, the restructuring of companies by means of merger, acquisition or demerger has, again and again, proved to be challenging for companies that own real estate. A new regulation in this field manages to make things even more unclear.

Electronic communication of documents will soon be easier

The parliament has recently adopted a draft law (‘the Draft’) changing and completing the civil procedure code (‘CPC’). The draft provides numerous changes to the CPC. Especially, it contains practice-oriented regulations about the electronic communication of documents within civil procedures, which are discussed below.